Professional Development

Talkativity offer a range of tailored professional development opportunities for Early Childhood Staff, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Disability Support Workers, Nursing Staff, PSA's and other professionals working with our client groups. Many of these events area also suitable for families and carers to attend.

  • Understanding Dysphagia (for professionals)
  • Living with Dysphagia (for clients and families)
  • Beyond the Pencil - The whole picture of handwriting (for professionals)
  • Is It Sensory? Interpreting and supporting sensory behaviours
  • Best Practice in Early Communication Development
  • Best Practice in Early Literacy Development
  • Language disorders in middle school and beyond
  • Key Word Sign (for everyone)
  • Private Practice 101 - (for allied health clinicians new to private practice)

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We are always looking for new ideas to support our community. If you are looking for a training topic that is not listed above, please contact reception on (03) 5941 9852 or [email protected].

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